Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Study Update

We finally did complete our home study. The social worker was pleasant and we all sat around the kitchen table laughing. Many times we strayed from the topic at hand, but we finally finished. She sent the following email:

Tim and Jamie,

Wanted to say thank you for the great visit today. I really enjoyed
getting to meet you both! You will make wonderful parents to some
very lucky little Chinese girl!

I know it was probably nerve-wracking to have a stranger come into
your house, asking you all sorts of personal questions, and I don't
take that for granted. I'm always honored to be welcomed like I felt
I was today. Thanks for making the long trip so worthwhile!

I'll be getting to work on the first draft tomorrow and will hopefully
have it to you very soon.

Have a great week!


Then she sent another email with this embedded:

Also, I hope it's sort of a given to both of you that I will
unconditionally approve you to adopt from China. Sometimes I forget
that families are freaking out, while I'm on the other end thinking,
"Wow! They're going to make great parents!" I forget sometimes to
actually TELL the parents about that!Just in case you had any doubts.

So, with that, I feel much better! We're more than half-way through the paperchase!!