Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting On Track

Hi Jamie,
At this point, I realize that an apology from
me is likely not
sufficient, but I will offer it
anyway: I am truly sorry for taking
so long to
complete this home study. I have been dealing
with several
personal crises in the past 6 months
and have not handled my adoption
obligations in
an entirely professional manner.At this point I am

committed to completing your home study within
the next 3 days
Today we spent a lot of time trying to figure out what needed to be done, by when, how and how much. There was much shifting and sorting of papers and many phone calls and web searches. I think things are finally organized in a "Adoption for Dummies" sort of way so we don't get lost and confused. Seriously..where's the map?

We designated Tuesday, March 2, 2010 as the day that we will get everything done for this adoption that we possibly can. This is the most confusing, time-consuming, puzzling process I think we have ever been through, however we are starting to feel like progress is being made.

We have received several rough drafts of our homestudy. Today's email from GWCA was a message forwarded that was sent to our caseworker. There were many corrections and addendums needed, I just hope she doesn't procrastinate any further and takes care of this. I have a feeling with GWCA breathing down her back she will stay on top of it.

Due to the long, 3-4 year wait for a child from China and the face that we are not getting any younger, we decided to go the "special needs" route and were accepted into the program. I chose simple, correctable or minor issues such as a cleft lip/palate or a mole on the child's face or arm. I wouldn't be opposed to a missing finger, even. It feels better to know that
) we will be adopting a child that has a lesser chance of being "wanted" and
B) WE get to pick the child that we want.. not have China pick the child for us! We really like that.

I told Tim the other day that I really feel deep inside that our wait will not be too terribly long, and he said, "me too". That made me feel even better and more confident.

I am so blessed to have Tim in my life. Some people do not understand adoption or how very important it is to that child! He is so understanding and caring and giving. What a lucky little child we will have..he/she will have no choice but to adore his/her father because he is a good, good man.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Home Study Woes

I heard back from GWCA soon after I sent them an email concerning our home study slacker of a social worker. She said they spoke with the social worker and informed her the home study *must* be in their office by Monday. By Monday, I mean last Monday. I just sent off another email making sure that happened. I expressed my concern over only having about 3 months to gather all documents and having the dossier submitted by the end of May and she sort of told me not to worry about it, that they would do everything they can to make sure we make deadline.
Unfortunately, as inexperienced as we are with the process, I did not realize that most people have their home studies completed within about a month. A MONTH! :'( I can't understand how she could be so inconsiderate with our time, and our HEARTS! We are so ready for this to happen and already have such a long wait (maybe).
I say 'maybe' because I just submitted our special needs adoption form. This could cut our wait time down. We may even opt to adopt an older child, I'm just not sure yet. We are waiting on God and his direction. We will know it when the time comes!

Today I am getting a lot done. I just rearranged the office so that I have a spot strictly for working on adoption stuff. There is still a lot to do, after all. We only need 4 more hours of hague training and I found a website that offers $12 a credit courses. So.. just another $50 and we'll have that part of the dossier completed! I'm already enrolled and paid, just need to sit down and do the course.
We set next week as the date that we will get our pictures made for our passports. Depending on our money situation, we might possibly apply for our passports the same day. God has been so good at providing us with money..even if we do have to work for it :)
I'm still excited about the adoption, even with all the setbacks. I just know this will be the most rewarding thing in our entire lives we will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.