Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get Your Act Together!

I swear, tonight's the night. I am going to print out ALL of the emails that are supposed to tell me how to assemble a dossier. I'm going to find out where I am and make a game-plan to finish the rest. So much to do, I can just FEEL it! I read somewhere as I glanced at one of the emails that we have to have pictures made. I suppose they look at your pictures, and read your autobiography and figure out which child may fit with us. I guess? Whatever, we will make it through all of this and it *will* be worth it!


Lesa said...

Thank you for visiting our blog. What yahoo group are we both on? I'm on so many with each of my children. ha
I will try to post to all of the yahoo groups right as we are to leave, but one never knows what lies ahead so bear with me.

Hoping said...

The Great Wall China Adoption yahoo group thing that I haven't quite figured out!! :)