Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Frustration upon frustration

And yet another month later... nothing.

I sent our social worker a curt email stating that it has been 7 months and we are tired of waiting. 7 months!! That has been more than enough time to complete a homestudy and we have been more than patient. I also emailed GWCA and informed them of our frustrating situation. I even called and left a message.

We discovered today that, because she has taken so long, we now have to re-order our birth certificates and marriage certificate. This should cost us about another $75 or more. Needless!

I think we are both dizzy with stress by now trying to figure out everything we need to do and in what order, as well as what document goes with which place at what time. It is so, so confusing! If we had not already put out so much money, I would be ready to throw my hands up and say "Forget it!"

I have to keep thinking about our china doll. She will be worth it..


Lesa said...

Good Grief! 7 months just to get your home study done????? I'm sorry that you have been treated like this. Hopefully things will get moving for you soon.
Come by the blog and see our new son.

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I am so sorry. I was hoping for a better update for you.