Monday, July 26, 2010

Houston means that I'm a one step closer to you

This morning we will head down to Houston to get the documents for our dossier authenticated. Basically, the Chinese Consulate of Houston is verifying the Secretary of State's seal on all the documents we had certified a few weeks ago. And they only charge an arm and a leg; completely reasonable fees! cough cough

We are only dropping the documents off. To have them do them the same day costs triple what it costs to go the regular route (which is costing us $280.00). Once we drop off the documents, we are going to try and find a PF Changs, since Tim still has never been, and wonder around town a bit. Some of Tim's family lives in Liberty, which is about an hour away from Houston, so we will meet up with his family for dinner, then head back home.

Full day ahead!

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