Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What a day.. I was standing in the middle of PACU, just outside the OR in the hospital. I noticed I had a new email message notification on my phone so I had stopped to read it. It stated, "Consulate Appointment Confirmed" WHAT?! I quickly scanned the email and it said we would be leaving January 2oth. I said out loud, "January 20th?!" A nurse looked up from her charting, then back down. I immediately dialed my husband's phone and it went to voicemail. I buzzed him on chat; no reply. A few seconds later my phone rang and it was him. I quickly rehearsed what I would say to him and answered. I asked what he was doing, how his day off was, blah blah blah. He sounded extremely casual, so I messed that up real quick, "We're leaving January 2oth." A pause..."What?" I stated "Yes, we're leaving January 20th". There was much stuttering and gasping on the other end of the line and I laughed. I had never heard him so speechless before! And that's pretty much how the rest of our day went. Walking to and fro, looking and not seeing, trying to finish a task and not even remembering what it is we meant to be doing. It was great!

I called my mom and she was beyond excited. She pretty much just wanted to get off the phone so she could tell everyone so I let her get to it. The rest of the day at work, for me, felt like a holiday, when there is excitement in the air. We tried real hard to figure out what we needed to do next but the reality of our dream coming true was just too overpowering to focus.

Unbelievable. We will be in the air in 2 weeks and when we come home, our lives will be forever changed, and so will Chanz's. What a miracle this has all been! I keep telling Tim over and over that I can't believe we've even made it this far. Without God, we wouldn't have! So THANKS to our heavenly father who paved the way and made this blessing possible. His grace and mercy is astounding as are his blessings!

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